Thursday, June 5, 2008

The bestest News!

Little Laurel had a bit of an odyssey the last few weeks. She was adopted out to Pennsylvania, but things didn't work out for her there. A kind temporary foster home took Laurel in---and a permanent foster home was found for her in Deleware.
It didn't take long for Laurel's foster mom Gina and family to realize that sometimes things just happen for a reason. Laurel was a wonderful fit with her foster family---and we are so happy to announce, that it's official: Laurel is there to stay---she's a forever girl---and an extremely happy one!

Laurel LOVES the water---and is a regular beach girl now!

Laurel---a cute girl in pictures!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Laurel was lucky enough to be sprung from a Kentucky shelter! She is now enjoying herself at her foster home! Laurel's foster mom says she is very sweet and affectionate. and want to spend lot's pf time with her humans. She also loves her new doggy brothers and sisters. She is learning how to play her new fur siblings and is enjoying every minute. Laure is also learning how to play with toys and enjoy chewy rawhides which she knew nothing about before coming into foster care. Laurel is doing very well with her house manners and is a model resident. She is looking for a wonderful family who will cuddle her and treat her like a princess.

Even at the shelter I am still cute!

Laurel shows she can still be cute even while she was awaiting IBR to come and save her.